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The vision of the CCPA Family and College Resource Center is to empower families with the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders within their school and community, and to advocate for and support students in achieving their goals of a college education and a productive future. This is accomplished through three main areas of focus: family support services, parent leadership and college access for all.

Theory of Action: If we create a welcoming environment and support families in meeting their needs, developing leadership skills, and understanding educational data and college-going benchmarks, parents will be better able to support their children's academic success, and students will have better outcomes.

The FRC's Family Support Services goal is to connect parents with resources, support and information to deepen their capacity to support their student's development and academic achievement. The FRC trains parents to use Jupiter Grades to monitor, support and push student achievement, provides parents with support as needed to communicate with teachers, offers a family literacy adult ESL class, and assists parents with referrals for housing, immigration, employment, counseling and other needs. In partnership with Elev8, the FRC provides food baskets made with food from the Alameda County Community Food Bank and free legal services delivered by a lawyer from the East Bay Community Law Center.

The FRC's Parent Leadership goal is to empower parents as active decision makers within the school and the community. There are many ways parents can become involved as leaders in the school aside from volunteering. Various parent leadership bodies listed below:

School Site Council (SSC)

The SSC is a governing body responsible for making decisions about the school budget, and must include parents, teachers, administrators and students as voting members. 

Parent Leadership Team (PLT)

The PLT is a parent-led group that organizes community and cultural events, holds fundraisers, and supports the school in varied ways throughout the year. PLT was founded with the vision of ‘parents taking ownership of our school and culture to send every child to college and beyond!

Coffee with the Principal

 Coffee with the Principal is an open forum where the principal shares updates and parents ask questions and raise concerns.

African American Parents Group

A forum for African American parents to come together in community to discuss topics of interest and address issues particular to CCPA, such as African American student retention.

The FRC's College Access for ALL goal is to deepen the college going culture within the CCPA community, both within the school and in and among our families families.

The FRC works with both students and parents to support a school-wide college going culture that enables ALL students to achieve the dream of a college education by offering individual student and family advising, family workshops, advisory dinners, college tours, and a summer program registration drive.

Parent Appreciation Dinner