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How to Play a Sport

Step 1: Sign up to get added to the team Jupiter group and WhatsApp

Step 2: Complete a Sports Physical.

  1. With your parent, fill out OAL Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (pages 1-2 or the first white page of the printed packet)
  2. Schedule a “Sports Physical” with your primary care provider OR La Clinica.  You can call La Clinica at (510) 481-4566 to schedule an appointment, or schedule one at the CCPA Health Clinic.
  3. BRING the entire packet (both white pages and blue Medical Eligibility/Parent Permission page) to your appointment.  Make sure your doctor or nurse completes and signs their portion of the Medical Eligibility blue page.
  4. Have a parent or guardian SIGN the Parent Permission blue page.  If you do not have insurance, you do not have to check either box. 
  5. TURN IN the pages marked "REQUIRED TO SUBMIT" to your coach or to Ms. Boyle

Step 3: Turn in the OAL Uniform Policy with a parent signature to your coach or Ms. Boyle.  

Step 4: Register

Complete the Registration