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Community Leadership Pathway

The Community Leadership and Innovation Pathway (CLIP) was redesigned in 2018 to incorporate CCPA's schoolwide focus on Social Justice into a rigorous Computer Science curriculum.  Students learn tangible Design Thinking skills over a 4 year sequence that culminates in a final project as seniors.  All courses are A-G approved, and AP and Dual Enrollment options give students the opportunity to earn transferable college credit. 

Comp Sci Course Sequence


  Computer Science Sequence Social Justice Sequence
9th Exploring Computer Science World History
10th AP Computer Science Principles Ethnic Studies
11th AP Computer Science A (Optional) Peralta Dual Enrollment Elective and Humanities
12th Computer Science Seminar Senior Seminar and Humanities


I think I've learned how to think critically, especially when it comes to coding-- because it requires a lot of grit. I think you can't be giving up too easily, because there's so much you can mess up on but there's so much you can improve on. And all the mistakes you make are just helping you as you progress in computer science because there's always something new you're learning.-- Fernanda Gonzalez on her Pathway experience (CCPA '19 and Tufts University '23)